About Us

The LAB Mixed Martial Arts Academy has been serving the Fredericksburg, Stafford, and King George area for over a decade! We have helped thousands of students reach there goals of just getting in the best shape of there life or stepping into to the cage. We have many programs from our Ultimate Fitness Class, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or our MMA Program. 90% of our students do not compete they just want to get in shape and learn and Awesome form of Self-defense.


The LAB MMA staff and students, March 2013


We have the largest and most modern facility in the Area. Our School is over 6,000 sq. ft. With the only rack system to hold 18 heavy bags to kick and punch your way to your goals. No punching the Air in here.You will get the feeling of actually hitting something. We have to largest Mat area in the Fredericksburg, Stafford, King George area to practice your Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. 

Clean and Safe Facility

We pride ourselves on having the cleanest facility in town. We clean our mats everyday with the latest anti-bacterial cleaners, and want you to have a great place to come train. 

Safety is our greatest concern! We have a great staff that has all been through our world famous Instructor trainer program and they will do their best to get you to reach your goals in safe environment. We have a ton of classes with no sparring, but if you want to spar we have classes where you will spar under the supervision of our staff.

About The LAB Staff

The LAB is run by Professor LeBrun who was an undefeated Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter and sport ju-jitsu world champion. He is the founder of 3 Range Combatives a system taught to military and law enforcement throughout the country. The LAB has 12 Instructors that go through a rigorous Instructor Trainer course. The systems taught at the LAB are world class and second to none!  The Most important thing on the Professor’s and his staff’s mind is being passionate about helping all the students to reach their goals!   


The LAB MMA facility in Fredericksburg, VA


Professor LeBrun with a student in The LAB Kids Class